Welcome to ComedySportz Boston

It’s not stand-up comedy about sports, it’s improv comedy played as a sport.

ComedySportz® is fast-paced, family-friendly improvisational comedy, played as a sport. Two teams take turns making up scenes, playing games and singing songs – and the audience votes on which team they like the best. It’s all presided over by a referee, who keeps things moving, calls the ComedySportz® fouls and takes suggestions shouted out by the audience before each game.

Upcoming Events:

See your home team, ComedySportz Boston take on the rest of the northeast in competitive improv comedy! We have four shows throughout the weekend at Davis Square Theater:

When: Friday,  04/18/14 7:00PM
1st half: NYC vs. Philly
2nd half: Boston vs. DC
When: Friday,  04/18/14 9:00PM
1st half: NYC vs. Boston
2nd half: Philly vs. DC

When: Saturday,  04/19/14 7:00PM
1st half: DC vs. NYC
2nd half: Philly vs. Boston

When: Saturday,  04/19/14 9:00PM
1st half: NYC vs. Boston
ALL STAR SHOW - Full ComedySportz match with 2 players from each team.

Tickets are $12 - $15 -- $4 of each ticket benefits the
Sean Collier Memorial Scholarship Fund.

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Next home match:  Saturday May 3, 2014  7:00PM