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 ComedySportz® Corporate Events & Training Programs

ComedySportz® Boston also offers interactive, creative training and entertainment programs. We’ve been hired by many of the world’s most successful corporations, including 63 of last year’s Fortune 500 companies. We can help you any time, anywhere in the US, and around the world, if that’s where you’re going. ComedySportz® is experiential training at its best – the soft skills they don’t teach in most MBA programs.

Areas We Cover

  • Basic Team-Building, New Business Group, Post-Downsizing
  • Team-Building for Multiple Worksite Groups
  • Managing Change
  • Risk-Taking
  • Communications
  • Customer Service
  • Leadership
  • Focus
  • Meeting Kickoffs - Energize your big get-together
  • Your idea - bring us a challenge!

We Travel Call Us Today, (617) 231-7006

We specialize in providing entertainment for events of any type or size! Whether it’s a business event, holiday party, birthday party, retirement party, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah etc. etc. our interactive, high-energy, hilarious improv comedy show is tailored to the needs and humor of your group.

Call us for corporate show inquiries at (617) 231-7006 or email courtneypong@gmail.com

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