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    ComedySportz© Boston offers interactive, creative training and entertainment programs. ComedySportz was hired by 63 of last year's Fortune 500 companies.

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    ComedySportz is the perfect show for grades K-12. We're fast-paced, funny, interactive and positive. It's entertainment that never talks down to students.

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    ComedySportz Boston strives to strengthen our communities. Our High School Leagues pass on comedy and Improv skills to the next generation and our Fundraising options strengthen community programs throughout the region.

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We are csz Boston. We have a passion for making you laugh!


Non-Stop Laughs

We’ve been bringing the funny since 1984. Join us for one of our regularly scheduled public shows, or book us for a private event today!

Great for Families

Unlike most other forms of performance comedy, ComedySportz© is great for all ages. The audience of a typical match contains everyone from kids to college students to grandparents. Everybody is sure to have a great time!

Corporate & Education

ComedySportz© Boston also offers interactive, creative training and entertainment programs and products hired by many of the world’s most successful corporations, including 63 of last year's Fortune 500 companies.

Fun facts.

We're all about bringing the fun. Here's a few facts that prove it!

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Our Clients Our clients love us and for good reason!


a few big names

ComedySportz© gets hired by many of the world’s most successful corporations, including 63 of last year's Fortune 500 companies.

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  • Google
  • Nike
  • Southwest
  • eBay
  • Toyota
  • US Bank
  • McDonald's
  • Wells Fargo
  • Panera

Our Shows & Programs You've got options!

  • Boston Globe
    "At times, the real comedic talents of the performers are out-shined by the ridiculousness of the audience’s Mad-Libbed suggestions."
  • Valerie - Yelp
    "FINALLY a family-friendly entertainment experience in Davis Square!"
  • Boston.com
    "You vote for the team that makes you laugh the hardest and you decide the winner!"
  • The Tech/MIT
    "Tech students go wild in Boston improv group!"

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Crisscrossing the Nation

Ask any one of our players what their favorite thing about ComedySportz is and I guarantee that just about every one of them will say it’s the other people we get to meet and play with from around the world. CSz Boston is a part of CSz Worldwide, and ComedySportz matches are held in 25 cities […]